This blog was started to try to discuss, with my students, subjects that are either too controversial or are never challenged.  I hope everyone will enjoy an old mans diatribe and contribute their thoughts. Many of these topics come to mind on the spur of the moment and are simply random musings. I have tried, very hard, to post views that aren't considered by many.

I have deleted several pages and will occasionally glean subjects.  I will leave some of the older ones I feel are particularly important. I am leaving these older pages, in some cases, so everyone can see that "Grumpy" isn't always 100 percent correct.

Please share my website with your friends and feel free to suggest any material you would like me to lend my abrasive view toward causing discussion.

 Those interested might try "A Grumpy Old Man, on Education" available on Amazon. Strictly anecdotal so no boring analysis to wade through.


Those wishing to contact me directly can email grumpy@grumpyoldman.net